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Leadership Ethics Online is a company that knows what made the United States of America’s first leaders great, and what makes its best leaders still great.  We are here to lift up classic American leadership values.

“Ethical Leaders”:  God’s Moral Compass

God Points True North

God Points True North

Leadership Ethics Online teaches and educates that leadership values, principles, and methods built upon personal, real, living faith in God dedicated to obeying, honoring, and pleasing God must lead to stellar, safe ethical leadership with the following results:

  • You are assured you do the right thing every day
  • You go to sleep with a clear conscience
  • You are admired and followed by decent people
  • You gain strong support and real friends
  • You feel peace inside and are ready to meet God anytime

Leadership Ethics Online is a Christian company.  We use the Bible for the foundational source for ethical principles (1) God has revealed and (2) believers have proven for thousands of years.  We welcome anyone, with or without Christian faith, to learn what the Bible teaches about leadership, ethics, and human purposes and behaviors towards others, under God.  It is our prayer you will contact us for teaching and education in your role as a leader!

Invest in Healthy Leadership Ethics


There is a difference in consumerism and investment.  In the latter, you purchase for a definite predicted return, or profit.  The question we pose to you is, “Will you invest in becoming a better person, a better member of your family, a better professional at work, and a better member of American society?

Leadership Ethics Online is here to teach you ethics, grounded in the Bible, illuminated by every human discipline.  We are here then to coach you on how to develop your moral compass, deep inside you.  Then on how to let that compass guide you in your family relationships.  Then on how to carry your integrated ethics into your workplace, and beyond into American society.

You make the choice.  Use your corporate budget, or personal funds, for an investment in continuing education in real ethics.  The journey will be both easy and difficult.  Why?

Learning God’s will for ethical leaders is easy, natural, and feels wonderful.  Starting to practice learning is difficult, lonely, and feels scary.  Why?  We innately love doing the right thing, but we realize how few people today seem to want to do the right thing.  We feel exposed.  Guess what?

We have been where you are, or we know people where you are.  You already have truth, goodness, and honesty in you, just needing God’s watering and nurture.

We will walk you through every step of the way.  We will become more than your teachers.  We will become your friends and part of our family.


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John D. Willis