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My Real Photo and a Real Symbol

To the Ones Urging Me to Vote Hillary-to-Stop-Trump

I understand your position and respect it. In my case, as a historian, I will vote for Jill Stein for the same reason I once voted for Ronald Reagan, and later worked without pay for two years to get Obama […]

Netanyahu Follows Herzl, Jabonitsky, and Opposes Historic Judaism


I ask you, reader, to take the time to listen to a single radio broadcast.  One Jew speaks to another Jew about the State of Israel.  I withhold making statements.  I allow the recording to present to you this conversation, […]

Can Americans Pressure Their Legislatures for Amendments, or Are They Bought and Paid For?

Proposed U.S. Constitutional Amendments – Dreaming

Attached is a document I wrote as one chapter in a book I never published. I wrote these dreamed of Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, then gave up on the book. Why? Look at the graphic. There are only two […]