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Concerns About Our Democracy

forest old treesIt takes many years of balanced sunshine and rain, no shattering storms, no infestations of insects or disease, to make a single healthy tall tree.  It takes all these for single trees to stand among other trees, making for a beautiful and breathtaking forest.

The person who is preoccupied by retrieving messages on his cell phone, or who is slapping mosquitoes–or who sees the trees in terms of linear board feet of cut lumber–has missed the sight and sound, the smell and touch, of something living that required hundreds of years.

forest fire threatLikewise, the conditions for a forest fire sweeping over tens of thousands of acres also is natural.  Dry tinder and undergrowth, the direction and power of the winds, the complete absence of rain, and some single spark or flame–produced by Nature or a human  hand–lead to forest fires out of control.

Comparing cultures to forests is a weak analogy.  Real, old-growth forests exist because the adverse natural conditions never destroyed them, for thousands of years.  Cultures are human-made constructs.  They are far weaker than forests.

Leadership Ethics Online holds that a raging cultural, moral, legal, fire is sweeping across the United States of America.  In many places, we must change the verb-tense to “has swept.”  This is a fire not recently started.  It has been burning for a long time.  Here are the flames and winds burning our nation down (and some other nations elsewhere in the world).

  • Atheism – When there is no real God,  god is a figment of human imagination.  All morality is Natural–made up by human brains in each generation. This is what Adolf Hitler believed.  Read his writings, speeches, and conversations.  He followed Jungle Law in his foreign policy:  The Strong (1) kill or enslave the Weak; (2) eat the food, consume the resources, and populate the territory of the Weak.  Why mention a dead Nazi?  His basic atheistic model is believed and practiced by many in the USA and West now…but without gas ovens, Zykon-B, or incinerators.
  • Materialism – When life is about things–owning, buying, selling–you take your eye off the ball of the real meaning of life:  love, healthy relationships, helping and being helped, sharing and supporting, making each day count as if it is your last.
  • Relativism – When you believe there are no real, factual truths to hold to, to aspire to, to be raised up to, to be judged by, then the lowest, filthiest idea, talk, and behavior is “just as good” as the very best in human history.
  • Nihilism – When you believe there is no purpose to life, that nothing you think, say, or do today has any meaning “in the scheme of things”–and believe you may as well think, say, or do anything, right now at the spur of the moment, regardless of consequences, then you will do anything at all and lower yourself to whatever dark impulses you have.

Leadership Ethics Online has these concerns.  We cannot turn back the clock.  We cannot miraculously reverse the destruction that already has occurred.  We cannot stop literally millions of Americans–all ages, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, powerful and powerless, all political persuasions–who all have the same belief:  “I am the most important person.  What I want is most important.  I will get what I want, and you are warned in advance.”

me me meThe United States of America was not legally founded upon an “I” or a “Me” but a WE:

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Leadership Ethics Online is realistic.  We believe the crisis in our democracy now is comparable to an egocentric forest fire.  We know there are many good people in the nation who hold to and live for the Common Good.  If the above discussion makes sense to you, please support our work and contact us today.

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