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Employee Ethics Education

Help Them Grow Ethically… Grow New Ethical Leaders, Earn Their Loyalty, Make Your Job Easier

Your Workforce Problem

Today’s executive and the HR team  have a problem:  many workers do not have a strong work ethic, and many have issues of honesty, integrity, and cooperation with others.

We can help your employees become reliable team members who understand their place in your workforce so you remain competitive.

Slow Down the Revolving Door

Your HR team does its best to screen job applications, then viable candidates for hire.  For new employees, HR has an orientation including your policies and practices, and sign-off sheets for those.  Nevertheless, you still have a revolving door. You expect some of your new hires not to complete probation, that others will be disciplined and eventually terminated.  This process costs time and money, and it is so predictable you even have these as a line item in your annual budget.

Why accept the line item as it is?  Invest in workplace ethics education.  Many younger employees do not have the parental raising, cultural values, and emotional maturity (regardless of their age on paper), to fit in smoothly and well into your workforce.  They want work, or would not have applied, but simply are not prepared to succeed.  Why not invest in training and harnessing the horses so they pull individually with all their might, yet in harmony with others around them?

Module One: Essentials of Workplace Success©

This module touches on some of the most basic personal ethics that apply in the workplace context.  We start from preparing for work–going to sleep the night before, to waking and getting dressed, to every facet of the workday and every relationship in it.

This module actually presents elements the most senior-level, seasoned managers will appreciate.  Some principles in this module executives have paid thousands of dollars for.

Module Two: Essentials of Workplace Advancement©

This module moves beyond the basics of Module One to set goals for personal advancement and recognition within the employment context.  With the foundations already laid by Module One, employees at all levels will learn how to build foundations for success.

From assessment of policies, to scoping out the informal advancement culture, to managing performance plans, positioning from industry-related research, this module is rich with material for (1) protecting and (2) advancing in employment.

Time and Delivery Methods

Time. Each module is flexible.  From a highly-condensed, rapid-fire presentation of one (1) hour, to higher learning-retention, learning-integration of a three (3) hours, clients choose the time investment.  More learning hours = more learning retention/applications/change.

On Site Delivery. We recommend on site delivery of the modules.  A small percentage of employees are internally driven and learn easily on their own.   Most adult learners benefit from the full See-Hear-Think-Act-Respond live learning cycle.

Online Courses. We are aware many companies offer generalized, HR-based, online products.  Normally your company pays for access into the contractors’ websites using log-ins and passwords for their broad-spectrum applications.  We have no such courses, because we are a custom-product company.  If your company has a large enough workforce;  specialized needs; and are determined to have specialized outcome-changes in behaviors, we can design an online module.

What is the difference with all other companies?

  1. You will own the course.
  2. You will host it on your own website.
  3. You will have no more expenses.
  4. We can show your IT personnel how to modify portions of that course.