Making America Great the First Time–Before Collapse

Government Leaders Need Help

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, Obama.  These U.S. Presidents individually, and perhaps inclusively, did at various times and places, exercise the following practices with greater or lesser willingness, some with measures of hesitation and unwillingness requiring pressure, and all with various frequency and skills:

  • Assassinations.  Authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to assassinate–sometimes successfully–the heads of foreign States, cabinet members of foreign States, military and non-military personnel in foreign governments, and many non-governmental, indigenous leaders and groups for national interests, and opposed to any foreign interests.
  • Acts of Covert War Against Sovereign States.  Authorized CIA and Pentagon-aided creation of, and support for, domestic terrorist and political-destabilization groups in foreign States, whenever possible to aid planned coups d’etat, stoppage of trade agreements strengthening foreign States’ interests, and as punishment deterrents to bring foreign States into line with desired U.S. policies for U.S. corporations’ preferred statuses and prices for natural resources in foreign States.
  • Acts of Covert Political War Against U.S. Citizens.  Authorized the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, and intelligence branches of the Navy and Army, for surveillance of U.S. citizens and groups exercising lawful rights under the U.S. Constitution, the development of research files–factual, anecdotal, unsubstantiated, and false– for use against targeted persons and groups for organizational destabilization, public propaganda, embarrassment, disenfranchisement, and for assigned political and illegal uses of U.S. agencies such as the Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, Department of the Internal Revenue Service, and any others useful for adverse actions against targeted parties.
  • Overt Acts of War Against U.S. Citizens Engaged in Lawful Activities.  Uses of police and militia, with authorized lethal force, assigned against targeted U.S. civilian populations exercising Constitutional rights in lawful nonviolent manners, resulting in deaths by bullets, deaths by internal injuries from beatings or torture, short- and long-term maiming from physical and chemical agents, etc.–with collaboration from certain federal courts subject to their influence, to ensure no U.S. civilian recourse for government actions against victims or victim-survivors.
  • Uses of Lies and Propaganda to Mobilize Public Opinion, Declare, Wage and Sustain Wars Against Sovereign States. Regular and persistent uses of lies, intentional misrepresentations and manipulations of known facts, and intentionally manufactured whole-cloth lies, for wars against Korea (1950-53), Lebanon (1958), Cuba (1961), Republic of the Congo (1964), Dominican Republic (1965-66), Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (1965-73), Thailand (1965-73), Zaire (1978), Lebanon (1982-84), Grenada (1983), Iran “Tanker War” (1987-88), Panama (1989-90), Iraq I (1990-91), Somalia (1992-95), Haiti (1994-95), Boznia-Herzegovena (1994-95), Serbia (1998-99), Afghanistan (2001-14), Iraq II (2003-11), Pakistan (2004-Present), Libya (2011), Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Nigeria (2014-Present, “ISIL”), Afghanistan II (2015-Present)
  • Criminality and Statuses as War Criminals.  In the knowing use of lies for these wars, in the withholding of all facts from the public which would generate public dissent or opposition to any war, in failing to extend all facts to the entire U.S. Congress or budget-generating authorities, every President who did these things is guilty of war crimes of against U.S. forces, all U.S. allied nations, and all foreigners defined as “enemies” under false pretenses, totaling unknown millions of victims dead, maimed, and driven mentally ill for life.
  • Financial Self-Enrichment and Disregard for U.S. Warriors and Their Survivors Serving in False Wars.  In allowing their own salaries and benefits to be increased, as well as their public concurrence and not censure with raises and benefits in the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and all federal employees covered under such period-raises, yet not ensuring full veterans and widow-widower health benefits and proportionate-to-injury pensions, valued no less than the salary of a Chief of Staff for a U.S. Congressperson, for all wars in which they served in good faith, and even allowing cuts to the U.S. Veterans Administration’s budgets, these U.S. officials are shown guilty of self-interest, and the betrayal of their warriors before, during, and after all wars based on false and propagandist bases.
  • Financial Self-Enrichment In and Out of Office Due to Corporate Emoluments.  Most of these Presidents were directly and indirectly influenced by U.S. and foreign corporations’ profit interests, which resulted in varying ways and degrees, in the deaths and injuries of their citizens and foreigners, not only for corporation-profit-based or profit-connected wars, but also for deregulation of federal agencies ensuring safe food, medicine, workplaces, and products, were and are criminally liable for all harms due to decisions based on financial considerations, which disregarded, disenfranchised, propagandized against, or made use of federal courts, to stop public protest, discussion, neutral research, public consensus, and access to federal courts for harms done through deregulation.

Knowledge, Collusion, Collaboration, and Willful Ignorance

During the Presidencies and Congresses of each of the preceding administrations, some, and sometimes much was known or rumored to be true in the public domain.

Political allegiances, defenses of the Political Party in power each time, resulted in a divided American public approving, allowing, or being undermined, in finding all the truth regarding these matters.

In addition, lower than Presidents, Congresses, intelligence services personnel, and military personnel directly and knowingly connected with these events, and their execution, there always were thousands of lower federal employees, and federal contractors in corporations supplying and profiting from these events, who kept secret from the public what their superiors and contract-grantors were doing (1) directly in violation of the U.S. Constitution, (2) directly in violation of the U.S. Criminal Code.

In addition, there were unknown numbers of spouses, adult children, relatives, friends, and associates of the principal actors in the U.S. government, who knew some facts, some pieces of strategy, etc., enough to know their family members in federal offices were acting against the U.S. Constitution, or the U.S. Criminal Code, yet kept secret their knowledge.

In addition, sometimes shortly, sometimes long after, more facts emerged in any administration–demonstrating acts, and suspected acts requiring full neutral investigation, against the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Criminal Code, and against any Treaties with Sovereign Nations–(1) political party loyalties and (2) fear of retaliation and retribution from any potential accused, because the potential accused had secret knowledge of sexual, immoral, criminal documented activities by members of Both Parties, generated sometimes by illicit uses of FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ personnel, resulted in NO completely neutral and thorough investigations, by teams of prosecutors drawn from apolitical legal experts in the private sector who were examined for their immunity from political influence or fear of retaliation (including personal assassination or murders of family members), and resulted in NO charges, arrests, arraignments, prosecutions, and punishments.

In addition, and arguably the most morally culpable of all, were millions of Americans who heard facts, rumored facts of anti-Constitutional and illegal nature, yet who due to (1) Political Party Loyalties superior to the absolute determination for all Americans of every party and position to be subject to the Rule of the People through the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Criminal Code, (2) sheer Political Laziness, and (3) Self-Interested lives that “someone else should or may become involved,” millions of average citizens defended criminal and suspected criminal conduct, “because suspects were of their Party,” or watched as it went unpunished.

These events occurred between 1953-2016.  Some of them are in classes which Americans consider “normal and customary, what happens in federal governments”; other classes “unusual, troubling, and memorable”; and some classes “which never should have happened, but did, and now are in the past.”

Cumulative Effects of Sixty-Five Years:  Federal Criminal Boldness, Public Cynicism, Systemic Moral Poisoning

There was a soldier once who said, “You cannot kill someone without losing a piece of your soul.”  I will not discuss or entertain theories about what soldiers say about what they do, for some apparently return home after willing with no noticeable effects, though this is uncommon.

What I will say is this.

The entire history of the Unites States has involved murders, legally done, socially tolerated, even socially praised, of many different classes of innocent noncombatant persons.  I will not list the hundreds of years of examples of entire classes.  I will note first the Native American Tribes.  Then I will note the African slaves.  After those classes, we could add in the history of immigrants, the history of laborers seeking to organize, etc.

These murders were murders.  The statuses of laws current at the times are irrelevant.  Whenever these murders were committed under the law, there always were American minorities protesting these were murders, and there were untold numbers of Americans who sensed inside the laws were immoral but were silent.

These major events went on for hundreds of years, just as more murders in wars based on lies, and more murders based on police actions against innocent persons, STILL OCCUR, because “these are lawful.”

I do not know if the soldier who said what began this section was correct or not.

However, as a scholar who has studied the cognitive and intrapsychic development of moral values, the arrest and interruption of moral values, the distortion and ultimate destruction of moral values and thought–represented in families, small groups, employment organizations, religious organizations, corporation owners and boards, and governments at every level, there is a gradual poisoning, toxicity, and final tolerance of and immunity to immoral acts within groups.

I have observed for some decades now, the gradual and growing complaints of millions of Americans about the “decline of America” and the “need to make America great again.”

However, it is my judgment, based on an entire series of events for now more than sixty-four years, and the evidence of American “complaints but no action”–which would require most certain prosecutions, imprisonments, massive fines in millions stripping the convicted of all assets for their crimes, and capital punishments for multiple counts of treason and murder–that the political, economic, and moral collapse of the United States is as certain and assured as the past sixty-four years of consistent disobedience to the U.S. Constitution and refusals to enforce most strictly the U.S. Criminal Code on the highest federal criminals, and their allies.

An Ending Word of Hope

I see one single possible hope, which could reverse this sad prophecy, but this would require all Americans

  1. to repudiate all loyalties to all Political Parties;
  2. to accept consequences of that repudiation, for the saving of the United States’ citizens, and innocent persons abroad;
  3. to subscribe themselves, and to demand from others, absolute loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, noting its Prologue as the Founders’ guiding principles for the Common Good;
  4. to accept consequences of that subscription, refusing to be dissuaded from it, or persuaded to some “interim allegiance”;
  5. to refuse anything less than the absolute and fullest investigations of all known or suspected criminal acts by living federal officials
  6. to accept consequences of seeing their favorite Political Figures enmeshed in investigations;
  7. to unite with all other Americans–likely in the millions–who have some knowledge of criminal acts, in whole or in part, against the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Criminal Code, and,
    1. to reveal all to Wikileaks and,
    2. to reveal them somehow–and I do not know how–to all foreign governments whose peoples have been harmed by criminal acts, which governments would share this evidence with the rest of the world.
  8. to accept, for the sake of the United States and foreign peoples, the personal risks of political, economic, and personal retaliation, including the possible risk of death, for We The People and Our Common Good, forever.

From these things, there would come forth a new American Revolution, far greater than the first.

If you want America to be great again, if these things happened–the absolute full and ensure disclosure of all criminal acts and conspiracies, which have harmed both Americans and foreigners, then the following prosecutions of the guilty–then you would see America not only morally, politically, and economically strengthened and united, but American would become Great, For the First Time, without covering over crimes, murders, etc., for the sake of Political Loyalty, Private Self-Interest, or Pure Laziness.



To the Ones Urging Me to Vote Hillary-to-Stop-Trump

My Real Photo and a Real Symbol

My Real Photo and a Real Symbol

I understand your position and respect it. In my case, as a historian, I will vote for Jill Stein for the same reason I once voted for Ronald Reagan, and later worked without pay for two years to get Obama elected the first time, long before he had a remote chance at becoming the candidate, before the primaries, and why I did not vote for him the second time, due to his performance: ON PRINCIPLE.

Past Principle in Action, Thwarted

My first vote for a Republican for President was for Ronald Reagan.  This was on one single Principle.  He had said the then-One Trillion Dollar Debt had to be addressed.  I felt then, and all can see now, that when foreigners hold billions in Treasury bills, national sovereignty is diluted by Debt-Holders’ Power.  Reagan’s administrations more than tripled the national debt, and did far worse than that.

Let us jump forward to Barack Obama….

Two full years before Obama was elected, I sat in the office of a then-Democratic Whip in Ky State government, with a former Democratic Governor of Kentucky. I told both I was going to work for Obama. Both smiled, cynically, and the Governor said, “Hillary’s got the nomination.” I answered, “I know she does, but I like what this man says, and I’m working for him on principle.”

I wrote a policy document and sent that to the then-Senator Obama’s internal health liaison.  It was on health care, detailed, pragmatic, and realistic.  It would have created–and specified HOW to create it–a full reform all 50 States would have embraced.  It involved alliances within the States of government, corporations, universities, and nonprofits.  Within two weeks, I received a call from Obama’s office, inviting me to participate in a “confidential group of fifty in the U.S. to work with us on healthcare policy.”

How many in that Group of Fifty were like me, I do not know.  We had teleconferences.  The Obama campaign never allowed us to communicate with each other, nor even to know the list of fifty.  The Group of Fifty was hijacked, to be controlled, given the illusion members “were doing something important.”  I heard one participant make a brilliant remark; shouted into the phone, “Who WAS that?”; was told by the moderator contact would be established later; but the brilliant person gave her name, equally insistent (also sated by the controls).  She was a Harvard PhD with a brilliant career, wealthy, and frustrated she was shut down, like me.

I was later shocked by the primaries, and the outcome of the election. I shed a few tears that the democratic process had worked, against the Democratic Machine, and with the help of many millions of Republicans ashamed of the Bush administrations. I had my invitation and ticket to attend the inauguration. I stayed home to watch it on television.

I was completely shocked by what Obama began to do, and over the next four years.  He allowed my Kentucky Senator McConnell to “help” by enabling insurance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies to write the legislation for national healthcare.  He continued Bush policies in the Middle East, his way.

In the next election, I voted again ON PRINCIPLE.  I voted for Ron Paul one single reason:  He said the Fed, the banking cartel, had to be reined in and reforms made.

Back to Principle…

Now, I hear fine Americans, Democrat and Republican, say “Hold your nose and save the country from Trump with Hillary.”  Trump supporters say, “Hold your nose and vote for The Outsider, our only hope.” As a mere observer of facts, I say:

  1. The U.S. is in a status of undeclared bankruptcy.  No one admits this.  All print money for whatever, including present and future wars.  When the smoke-and-mirrors end, there will be unpredictably vast unemployment, federal and state retirements will be reduce or lost, and massive violence will result.  There are U.S. domestic military plans in place to deal with this foreknown event.
  2. The U.S. political parties are publicly known surrogates to corporations, and foreign influence, from banks, to ties with Great Britain, and the State of Israel.  All know this.  No one is doing, or will do, anything about these forces of destruction for the American democracy.
  3. In general, the American public is hostage to propaganda, preoccupied either with biological and economic survival, or continuing consumer-hedonism.  In 1922, Walter Lippmann wrote the book, Public Opinion.  This was the most candid honest statement by one of the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations that the masses are too ignorant, too preoccupied with their lives, too emotional, to see the Big Picture; that “stereotypes” had to be handed to them in manageable chunks, so that The Few, the Elites, could move democracy in the “right direction.”  Propaganda + Consumerism + Cognitive-Analytical Illiteracy = Much of today’s pervasive U.S. problems, all irreversible.  This is my opinion, and I will only state it, not defend it.

I Vote for Jill Stein ON PRINCIPLE

I’m voting for Jill Stein ON PRINCIPLE, knowing in advance she will not win, but knowing she is the only candidate with honesty enough to say many things that need to be said.

I’m voting for Jill Stein, knowing in advance that, even if she were elected, which she will not be (and no miracle will occur to overcome the combined propaganda of both the Democratic and Republican parties), she

  • would be stymied and stalemated at every turn by both parties;
  • would be threatened, suffer harm, or be assassinated if she used all the force of her office through her Cabinet, Presidential Orders, and the Bully Pulpit in public statements;
  • would be assaulted verbally, psychologically, and emotionally by all political, economic, judicial, corporate, and surely, religious leaders as well, from the beginning to the end of her administration, if she continued single-minded to pursue her stated policies;
  • would be berated, mocked, ridiculed, humiliated, and threats against her life would come, from AVERAGE AMERICANS all over the political map–with or without the aid and assistance from the torrential river of propaganda, paid for in the billions, by both Democratic and Republican Americans.

Even with the “theoretical election” of Jill Stein, only a NATIONAL UPRISING of unified political support upon State Legislatures would send a real chill up the spines of Republicans and Democrats in Washington. Do you think THEY would turn to We The People, when they also are surrogates to their State, Regional, and Local corporate interests?

The forces long at work in the usurpation of the American Democracy will not be stopped.  This is not because they are theoretically unstoppable.  The Constitution allows for a theoretical uprising of the majority of U.S. citizens.  Granted, State Legislatures have power to do all kinds of things, if they were united.

Yet these State Legislatures are all, nearly, either Democrats and Republicans.  They never ever would cut the political throats of their higher comrades in Washington, or state political offices–unless they had political revolutions back home so Legal and Non-Violent and Court-Supported and Police-Protected they decided they HAD to vote quickly, in the right direction, to keep their positions, if not to keep glass in all the windows of their offices and homes.

Oh, but there is NO FEAR of such organized unity that is legal, nonviolent, court-supported and police-protected.  The American People are demonstrated in ALL historical cases, other than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s nonviolent movement–which suffered fatalities, injuries, national news propaganda, and FBI-incited troubles–to be INCAPABLE of such high-risk, long-term, personally-dangerous, completely-committed political strategies for change.

No, the American People are addicted to the daily news, daily political loyalty-but-grumbling about their preferred parties, political laziness, consumer-driven hedonism, egocentric idiocy in keeping up with sports teams and favorite cultural icons, they are very well trained and conditioned NOT to have the cultivated capacity for serious, legal, long-term, constitutional political revolution in their own interests, for themselves and their children, and those of their neighbors (not to mention millions abroad slain in corporate wars for profit).

A Legal Constitutional Micro-Rebellion

My vote for Jill Stein will be ON PRINCIPLE.  It will be John Willis’s Tiny Little Act of Legal Rebellion against the processes noted.  Principle made me vote for Reagan, and for Obama.  Principle–the freedom to have it and exercise it through a single vote–is what will drive my vote for the sure to lose but God-help-protect-her if she does, Jill Stein.

I am sad. Yet I am defiant. I am unmovable. I stand in a tiny minority. Even most of the Jill-Steiners are naive and dreamy-eyed, either not thinking or refusing to think of the real consequences if Jill were elected.

However, I believe so much in her I think she might even risk her own life, ON PRINCIPLE, because she knows so much, so much more than I do, about the Real Threat to the future of this nation.

So when I read the remarks of some very fine moral, good Americans, who tell me Donald Trump is so much to be feared, and that Hillary is the lesser of the two evils, or that they disregard all the certifiable mental disorders of that man, or his documented history of financial malfeasance, his self-interested ties with the Mafia, or his bizarre irresponsibility in making statements of every cancerous kind in the media, about everything and everyone, I find the remarks somewhere between naive and delusional and grasping-for-hope-counter-to-facts.

Hillary never will lead a full frontal assault on some Historic Anti-Democratic Forces, which always have struggled against the Constitution, and now have arrived at the apex of success in overcoming it.

I wish everyone well in the United States. I wish all kinds of things that are good, legal, moral, and constructive for us all. ON PRINCIPLE, for my own self-respect, and for my four children and five grandchildren, I will not succumb to delusion, or well-meant public pressure from truly fine people, to Participate or Collaborate with the impending economic collapse of my nation, or the established moral-political collapse of my nation.

John D. Willis, President, Leadership Ethics Online



I ask you, reader, to take the time to listen to a single radio broadcast.  One Jew speaks to another Jew about the State of Israel.  I withhold making statements.  I allow the recording to present to you this conversation, and the issues these men raise:

The Honorable Burt Cohen

The Honorable Burt Cohen

Radio Host, Bert Cohen, of Keeping Democracy Alive is a man whose online presence you should find and investigate, and whose cutting-edge commitments to the best, most humane, unifying, and healing values are put before the world on his website.

Bert’s values and life commitments led him to invite another man with the same values and life commitments.  Your introduction to Burt and his work comes from his invitation, his conversation, his candid and moral viewpoints, with another man “cut from the same cloth” as his host.

The Esteemed Allan Brownfeld

The Esteemed Allan Brownfeld

Burt invited Allan Brownfeld, affiliated for many years with the American Council for Judaism, and also is a prolific contributor of balanced, truthful, constructive articles to newspapers around the United States.  He is known for truthfulness, balance, fairness, statements weighed for factual content, and a commitment to listen first, then speak with respect, kindness–but unwavering on the issues–for the Common Good.

Allan is a man who loves all human beings, who is committed to peace, yet not at any price, but always based upon all the truth that can knit peace together, and always protected by the establishment and protection of justice for all parties concerned.  His entire career has been devoted to values and activities such as these.

Both men are Jews, speaking with each other about their love for all Jews–and for everyone else–their grave concerns for the accelerating demise of Western democracy within the State of Israel, and their united hopes for a safer better world.

If you will take the time to listen to this conversation, I have no doubt you will hear a dialogue which will teach you something you very likely will not know:  Historic Judaism, and all Jews committed to its historic religious and humane values, and committed to treating others as they always hoped and prayed they one day would be treated–during centuries of persecution–are opposed to the current false, predominant values, beliefs, policies and propaganda, of the current State of Israel.

Strap on your seat belt.  You are about to hear two honest men talk about facts, frustrations, and even fears for the State of Israel, the United States, Palestinians, the Middle East, and the world itself, unless something changes and soon.

Here is the Link.  It is an excellent recording.  There is no video, only audio.  Yet this material is 24K moral leadership excellence, completely relevant to our unstable, violent world.  I just love guys like these.  Support them, your own way.

Democracy Endangered in Israel