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Our Services Philosophy

Ounce of Prevention

When CEOs and executives contract with Leadership Ethics Online, be prepared for more than “soft-skills” training with mainly emotional, “feel-good” outcomes.

You Participate

Services That Hit YOUR Targets

“GIGO” is an old IT acronym meaning, “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  Give us accurate data.  Give us freedom to ask you questions about where you are losing money in ethics-related areas:  attitudes, emotions, beliefs, habits.

You Control Costs

We will need certain information to do our work. One way we help you is by telling you what we need, and allowing you to gather it.  Why be charged for something you can do?

You Must Be Satisfied

The better the outcomes and scope, the better the data you provide, the better the outcomes.  We work with your HR department and any leaders with special needs. We stay in touch while we customize your program. If you see changes requiring adjustments–right up to the last minute–just call us. You will be amazed at what we can do on short notice.  You determine the investment.  We give you the highest ROI than any other company.  Get your prices, and give us an opportunity to compete!