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We Seek Ethical Partnerships

For those who do not recognize the graphic to the left, the Four-Way Test is one of Rotary International‘s most famous pillars of its ethical philosophy.  We at Leadership Ethics Online encourage you to go to the Rotary website.

We cite the Four-Way Test not only because we believe it is a simple but effective ethical self-check.  We hope to find partners who also share the Four-Way Test’s same enduring values.

Our U.S. military academies all share a common motto for their cadets:  “We do not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.”  Add that to the Four-Way Test and you have a fair view the way we operate, and the company we want to keep.

Leadership Ethics Online welcomes inquiries from CEOs who have read carefully the contents of this website and concluded they share most of our values.

We are particularly interested in linking our website with the following kinds of organizations:

  • Ethics, Regulatory, Compliance
  • Ethics Professionals
  • Leadership Development
  • Government Employees
  • Conflict and Risk Management
  • Higher Education Administrators
  • Ethics in Religion Educators

If your organization is not listed, but you believe we should consider you as a partner, please send your thoughts to