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Personal Professional Social Ethics

Biblical Ethics in Proper Sequence

America has leaders all across our land in every organization.  Persons have positions of authority.  They have power to manage others.  Perhaps they have that magical triad of credentials:  MBA, JD, MPA.  Holding academic credentials, holding positions and power, do not make leaders fit to lead.  We know this because, though they have many tools in their tool kits, their tenure does not last.

Leadership Ethics Online approaches our mission beginning with you, the person.

Personal Ethics

Before you are fit to lead others, you must have specific things in order in your own life.  You must possess values that are true, proven in practice for centuries and thousands of years.  Possessing these, wherever you are–with your spouse, children, friends, coworkers, or club buddies–your moral compass is pointing True North 24/7/365.  You know that principles, values, and rules must be clear, consistent, and reliable to steer you through the worst storms.  You also know these exist not only in the head, as some list you remember to aid decisions.  Your principles, values, and rules must penetrate into your emotional responses, your normal thinking, and your normal reactions to changing conditions.

Professional Ethics

Personal ethics are one thing but, Do you not have to check your ethics when you go through the door at work?  Millions believe this.  Millions try to keep personal ethics at home, and another set of ethics at work to keep the job.  Some people take prescriptions not because they have a chemical imbalance, but an ethics imbalance.  It is just plain natural to become neurotic in some environments.

Some organizations are like shark tanks, filled with folks who long ago developed a taste for blood, and ready for more.  Such organizations are dangerous.  Some you need to leave as soon as possible.  Yet it is possible to bring your fully developed ethics into such places, and learn how to manage your safety without surrendering your virtue.

Bringing personal ethics into healthy workplaces is welcome.  Someone who has ethics, who is transparent, who always treats everyone well while doing what must be done, is welcome.  We still have our personalities, and others have theirs.  So bringing the same set of ethics into the same workplace will work for one, but fail for another.  Why?  Personality style clashes and misunderstanding.

Leadership Ethics Online does not just teach how to bring your ethics into your workplace, or your team.  We bring a wide and deep tool kit for all those other issues affecting and aiding you to develop a reputation as an ethical professional in your field.

Social Ethics

You have your life at home and among friends.  You have your life at work.  There is a big wide world out there.  It starts in your neighborhood.  It continues in your county and state.  It extends out to your nation, and beyond.  When you apply your ethical values in society, this is giving back without seeking something for yourself.

Leadership Ethics Online will help you learn personal, professional, and social ethics (1) grounded in the greatest truths from the Bible and (2) illustrated and supported by all the human disciplines!

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