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Programs Overview


Here is a sampling of different program models which are adaptable into your available time frame, budget, and the complexity of issues you may want us to address, within these frameworks.  Imagine how you might use one of these options for you and your organization.  These are just starters for your consideration.

90-Minute Leadership Lunch Challenge – Your people gather for around 45-60 minutes of exciting, positive, focused thinking on your issue(s), but using our methods designed for your outcomes.  With this limited time frame, we advise tightly focused goals for the best outcomes.  Much can be achieved with good planning.  This can be a one-time event, or a lead-in for more in-depth work.

Half-Day Leadership Challenge – From 8 a.m. to noon, your people gather for set-up, the common approach, buy-in, and individual and group exercises.  This is highly effective to address team issues such as motivation, initiative, cooperation, collaboration, time management, effective communication, and early-warning interventions affecting efficiency.

Online Leadership & Ethics Health Check-Up –  Sensitive issues often cannot be addressed in face-to-face meetings.  Anonymous, interactive, adaptive online modules can access issues, behaviors, workplace conditions, even litigation-factor situations your personnel will not share in public meetings.  These can be designed so employee identities will be protected, to ensure cooperation, and maximize your investment in modules producing rich data obtained through private 24/7/365 online access.

Leadership & Ethics Onsite Recognition Program – Everyone likes recognition for excellence.  Let us work with your organization to survey or interview personnel–management or front-line workers–to determine eligibility for “best practices” in leadership skills, qualities, and contributions.  We can see what you see, but we also can see what you may not see.  In every case, the recognition will be coming from us, using our criteria, and in terms that are meaningful for those recognized.  Certificates and other awards given will become proud possessions and reminders throughout the next year; conversation-starters; and incentives for new recognitions, by all personnel.  Work outputs are increased using this program.

One-Three-Five Day Seminars/Retreats – While these programs are flexible, in terms of time and investment, these are best used after other programs have produced data useful for these applications.  Trust and cooperation can be achieved with personnel without prior programming; however, the retreat format produces richer results when personnel already are familiar with our staff, methods, and relationships exist from earlier interactions.

Custom Training & Refresher Products – Your organizational ethos is unique.  You already can purchase brochures, study guides, and training materials from other companies.  However, Leadership Ethics Online can work with your management and human resources team to produce customized written materials, videos, PPT presentations, downloadable from your corporate website.  These put your own signature and content on unique learning targets that grow leadership, practices, and build organizational identity and outcomes you need.

Principles for Programs

  • Behavior Change-Based
  • Emotion and Intellect Inclusive
  • Needs Identification Driven
  • Outcome Driven
  • Inductive Design
  • Resources for Post-Event Learning
  • Budget Sensitive

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